Employment Opportunities

Maisha Bora runs information and training events for young people. These events provide young people with an opportunity to speak to professionals working in different sectors and to learn about the world of work. It is a chance for young people to find out more about potential careers and receive advice and guidance about pursuing those careers. Training in the “soft skills” essential for entering the working world is also provided. If you would like to be involved in this area of our work please contact us.

Mentoring and work experience

In recent years Maisha Bora has recognised that in a country with high levels joblessness (an estimated 17 million people are without work in Kenya, 70% of whom are between 15 and 34″) an education alone is not sufficient to gain meaningful employment. Young people need experience and professional guidance if they are to gain a competitive advantage in the job market. They also need access to professional networks, something which can be incredibly hard to do without the relevant social connections. Maisha Bora is seeking to address these issues through facilitating volunteering placements and working with businesses to secure work experience opportunities and internships for students. We are confident in the abilities of our young people and believe they would add a great deal of value to any workforce. We know though that they need a platform to enable showcase their talents to potential employers and develop their CVs. If you are a business or a professional and would like to be involved in this area of our work please contact us.