Become a Volunteer

Would you like to be a volunteer at Maisha Bora? We always strive to make a place for volunteers within our team. Please contact us at for more information about the application process.

Make a Donation

A one-time or recurring donation to Maisha Bora helps support the next generation of Kenyans to gain an education, a job – and a future.
Please consider donating today to make an impact.

Tuition Fees & other Associated Academic Costs

Maisha Bora awards scholarships at both secondary and tertiary level. We support high achievers from poor backgrounds who, without financial support, would not be able to continue their education. Make a monthly  or a one-time donation and help us in raising tuition fees and other associated academic costs for the needy youth at Maisha Bora Inititative.

Allowance for Young Peoples’ Basic Needs

We provide living allowance for young peoples’ basic needs whilst they are studying.  This costs us $1.40 each day per beneficiary or $10 weekly or about $40 per beneficiary each month.

Sponsor five beneficiaries for one day a month – Donate $ 10
Sponsor two beneficiary for one week a month – Donate $ 20
Sponsor one beneficiary monthly – Donate $40

One Time Donation

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