Maisha Bora

Maisha Bora was founded in 2005 by Hannah Mwaura and Becky Dalton. It has grown from supporting one student at secondary level to providing scholarships and employability support to 30 students per year.

We are governed by a volunteer board made up of local professionals including teachers, an accountant and a social worker. The board meets on a regular basis and monitors the work of our two staff members who run the daily activities of the organisation from an office in Naivasha Town. Maisha Bora is a member of local NGO and professional networks. We believe our students have the potential to make large contributions to the communities they live in and the organisations they work for. We are keen to build relationships with local businesses and partners who can help in creating opportunities for our students – and benefit from all they have to offer as potential employees.

Our Valuable Team Members

Ruth Mandella Sunguti
Ruth Mandella SungutiChairperson
An administrator by profession with vast experience in education institutions. She has served in various capacities and as principal in government and private learning institution. Her experience in the education sector and as a leader has immensely driven the organization to its heights
Simon Njuguna
Simon NjugunaVice Chairperson
A trained social and community development worker with over 16 years of field experience. He has served with several charitable organizations working with children and youth.
He has been a valuable resource to this organisation since he joined the board in 2012.
He is currently serving as a project manager with a local non gorvermental organization.
Ruth Wanjiuku
Ruth WanjiukuTreasurer
An accountant by profession, she has over 10 years of work experience working as school bursar and also serving in other business enterprises as accountant. Her contribution in the board has been very crucial in the development and growth of the organization.
Hannah Mwaura
Hannah MwauraProgram Manager
Hannah served as an administrator in a College, girls’ high school and a street boys rehabilitation centre for fifteen years.
She has trained in Project Administration and Business Management.
Becky Dalton
Becky Dalton Program Partner
Becky Dalton is a British National and the abroad partner for Maisha Bora. She was a volunteer teacher in Bishop Wambari AIC Girls school in 2005 when they initiated the programme. Her major role is linking the programme with potential donors as well at advisory role.
Henry Wamai
Henry WamaiBoard Member
An experienced public health officer and also working as a community children officer for over 25 years. He works for National AIDS Control Council Naivasha Constituency. His contribution to the board cannot be down played as he brings his experience in the field of HIV/AIDS
Margaret Nduta
Margaret NdutaBoard Member
A teacher by profession, with experience in student guiding and counseling as the Head of Department in her current school. She brings to the board the experience required to handle the young minds and in the development of tailored programs for the young people. Her presence in the board has contributed immensely in the continued growth of the organization.
Mercy Murugi
Mercy MurugiBoard Member
A graduate of Nyeri Technical Training Institute in accounting course (KATC II), she has vast experience in the field for having worked for over 20 years. Her presence in the board provides the sense of high level of accountability and value for money in its expenditures.